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2016-01-10 08:32 pm
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New Interest!! New Ship!!

Well, it might be sudden and unusual. I said unusual because I never watch the anime but I ship SouRin from Free!! too hard XD it so sudden, I don't know when exactly I became SouRin trash *lol* So, to quench this thirst for SouRin I want to scanlated this doujin but the process might be slow due to RL (again), but I've started the translation (about 55% done ^^;).. hope can finish it before anyone else does :3
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2014-12-25 05:44 pm

Happy Bday Levi Heichou

Another happiest birthday for Levi Heichou~ <3
I hope you'll live through all the series along with Erwin Danchou XD
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2014-11-30 08:50 pm

[KHR dj] Popping Drops

This is my first doujin (yamagoku doujinshi to be precise XD) that I bought and scanned by myself :3
If any of you want to use it as a raw for scanlation project, please let me know and credit me :D

PD cover

Title : Popping Drops
Circle : Calabrone
Fandom : KHR
Pairing : 8059 a.k.a Yamamoto x Gokudera

Scanned by Migiude

Download link : Mediafire
Password : sorry for my greediness but please leave your comment and I'll reply to it ;)

The last but not least! This doujinshi is not mine (obviously) so please buy the doujin to support the doujinka! :)
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2013-12-25 01:48 am

Happy birthday Heichou~

I just want to say: 'Happy Birthday, Levi Heichou~' XD I hope you'll be more lovey-dovey with Erwin danchou.. and I hope you two keep alive until the end of the series~
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2013-12-13 09:41 pm


Nice to meet you :)

I'm not much of a writer (partly because my poor english) so probably I'll not post much here ^^;